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Security Tokens

Security tokens are the next generation of regulated securities, which are being built on blockchain-based infrastructure rather than being restricted to legacy systems. MDX aims to become the world’s premier securities token exchange, which will enable greater market efficiency, accessibility, liquidity and transparency within the capital markets.

About us

With the adoption of the blockchain-based trading system, the MDX will dramatically boost efficiencies whilst reducing costs by integrating the entire spectrum of exchange services including, but not limited to, listing, execution, clearing, settlement, AML/KYC controls and processes, security, digital identity management and custody.

We have a strong background in the financial services and technology sectors. Our focus on cutting-edge technology, coupled with a willingness to customise solutions, results in systems suitable for all types of traders. Cryptocurrency and Security Token exchanges require innovative solutions to enable a cost-effective delivery of trading services, of which we strive to achieve excellence.

Why Malta

Malta harbours a deep interest in the fast-growing sectors of digital technologies in general and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in particular. There are great opportunities in these areas and Malta is keen to position itself as the natural destination for businesses that operate in this space.

During recent times, the Malta Government has engaged extensively with private parties across various sectors, both local and international, as well as with lead regulators in order to identify the changes in legislative and administrative framework required for Malta to become a leading jurisdiction in this area.

Meet the MDX Team

Rick Klink

Executive Chairman

Johan Ditz Lemche

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Pellizzari

Head of Trading

Craig Crevola

Chief Information Technology Officer

Strategic Partners

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